In Search Of Ectoplasm 

I work anywhere from Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Texas, Utah. My service is always free, although donations for travel expenses is always greatly appreciated. 

Paranormal activity can happen to anyone, you could have moved into a house that was already haunted, brought home something that had a spirit attached to it. You, or a family member, or a friend could have been playing around with a Ouija board. Someone could have put a curse on you, or worse and actually summoned a demon, or another type of negative entitie. If you're experiencing any of these things or anything Paranormal, thats when you will need professional help.


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   Davy Haden 

My name is Davy Haden, I have been a professional Demonologist since 2010. I first started investigating the paranormal when I was sixteen after seeing the spirit of my grandfather 3 days after he passed away. That's when I became a paranormal investigator, investigating everything to to gain more knowledge, after 8 years in the paranormal field I became more confident in what I could do to help people,  now 11 years of being a demonologist I have help a lot more people, worked with other professionals and have learned a ton from them. I've been on the news twice, once in Texas and then again in Wyoming. Radio stations have also done stories on my investigations. If you are experiencing anything paranormal, I can help you. I normally work alone, but my wife Katlynn who is a paranormal investigator does come when she can. 

 John Zaffis. Davy Haden. Dustin Pari.



Negative entities are what we specialize in. I will come to your home or business, and spend some time there investigating to find out what you have. Because believe it or not,  just smudging your house, or reading a prayer from the Bible doesn't always work. It all depends on what you have in your home, and how strong it is. This is why I always say to get a professional in so things don't get worse. I can banish these negative spirits for good, I have done exorcisms before on people, and on the home.

Elementals and other beings on your property 

Elementals can be good, and they can be bad depending on what you have. Some serve to protect the land, but if there has been bad things such as wars or murders on the property then they will become angry, and not want anyone human being there and will cause tons of problems. They will eventually make their way into your home and can cause sickness of all kinds that could potentially lead to death. Other things that could be a problem are skinwalkers, especially if you live next to a graveyard or live in the New Mexico area or some place in the Navajo culture. There is a lot of things out there, that's why we have to do investigations to find out what we're up against. 

Crossing over loved ones, or helping trapped lost souls find their way. 

When people pass quickly and or unexpectedly, they sometimes need help finding their way. We can help with that as well.

I've recently started a YouTube channel, feel free to check it out and more videos will be coming soon.